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Ben Affleck ditches wedding ring after holiday

Ben Affleck has been seen without his wedding ring after returning to Los Angeles following a final family holiday with estranged wife Jennifer Garner and their children. Read more...

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Clooney pays tribute to Jerry Weintraub

George Clooney has spoken of his sadness over the death of producer Jerry Weintraub, who died on Monday. Read more...


Reynolds: My daughterís an amazing creature

Ryan Reynolds is trying not to have his phone near him as much so he can focus all his attention on daughter James. Read more...


SJP: Iím not a mean girl

Sarah Jessica Parker doesnít think sheís clever enough to taunt people about a potential Sex and the City 3 film. Read more...


Kourtney Kardashian 'splits from Disick'

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are no longer together, it has been claimed. Read more...


Nicole Kidman: Oscar win was lonely

Nicole Kidman felt intensely lonely when she had no one to share her Oscar win with. Read more...


Khloé 'can't keep up with beau's bad ex'

Khloé Kardashian has reportedly irritated a female rapper with her new romance. Read more...


Kate Mara: Being private makes sense

Kate Mara has revealed there was a lot of joking around on the Fantastic Four set due to the intensity of the movie. Read more...


Jackman not allowed to work with Jolie

Hugh Jackman's wife has joked about the one actress she won't let her husband work with. Read more...


RPatz: Acting isn't that cool

Robert Pattinson thinks James Dean was disillusioned with fame even before he hit the big time. Read more...


Ashton and Mila 'marry'

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis allegedly got married over the weekend. Read more...


Amy Schumer: Just be yourself

Amy Schumer has given advice to teenagers at her old high school, telling them not to compare themselves to celebrities but to embrace their own uniqueness. Read more...


Jane Fonda: Iím surprised Iím still working

Jane Fonda is ďsurprisedĒ she is still being given opportunities in the acting industry. Read more...


Rooney Mara recalls film fear

Rooney Mara "panicked" before shooting her new film.


Two Down to premiere at ManIFF

Selected in competition as the only UK narrative feature film at the forthcoming Manchester International Film Festival, TWO DOWN Read more...


Mayan Revelations: Decoding B'aqtun

Award Winning Documentary Mayan Revelations: Decoding B'aqtun Gets Digital & DVD Release. Read more...


Forest Whitaker: His Top 10 Films

Two of Hollywoodís finest go head to head in the ultimate battle for redemption in Two Men In Town, which arrives on DVD on 6th July. Read more...


Channing: My Gambit accent isnít ready

Channing Tatum hasnít found the right accent for Gambit yet. Read more...


Creed first trailer launches

We are delighted to share with you the first trailer for Creed. Read more...


Andy Samberg: I scored Snow for movie!

Andy Samberg couldnít believe Kit Harington wanted to be in his new tennis movie 7 Days in Hell. Read more...


Samira Wiley: Fame took me by surprise

Samira Wiley is still "getting used to" all the fans she has thanks to Orange Is the New Black. Read more...


Kellan Lutz mortified by kinky fan

Kellan Lutz loved his time working on Twilight, but doesn't miss it. Read more...


Jake Gyllenhaal: My movie punches are real

Jake Gyllenhaal needs less affirmation as he gets older. Read more...


Michael Douglasí mother dies

Diana Douglas, the mother of Michael Douglas and first wife of acting legend Kirk, has died aged 92. Read more...


Vanessa Williams ties the knot

Vanessa Williams married fiancé Jim Skrip on Saturday.


Elizabeth Banks: I'm a tough cookie

Elizabeth Banks is one of the ďtoughestĒ people in Hollywood. Read more...


Pete Docter pondered Disney perks

Pete Docter's initial though when Pixar merged with Disney was: "Do I get a silver pass to the theme parks?" Read more...


Heard: Magic Mike lap dance was fun!

Amber Heard couldnít stop laughing throughout her lap-dancing scene with Channing Tatum. Read more...


Minions director marvels at success

Pierre Coffin thought Minions would fail if he predicted success. Read more...

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Kill Zone

An Iraq vet has to undertake a mission that will test his very mental stability Read more...



Love & Mercy

ďIíve always been a sad person.Ē For a man given to creating a cluster of popís greatest upbeat songs, this is the paradoxical phrase that Brian Wilson has uttered several times in past interviews. Read more...



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Games have always stirred controversy as critics and cynics have brought to our attention that the level of violence and freedom to allow destruction can warp our minds. A load of nonsense really considering any art form or media is a freedom of expression and any sensible person can tell the difference between fantasy and Reality. But do some games cross the line' Read more...


Mona Lisa

An ex-con gets a job driving a high class escort around in London's seedy underworld. Read more...


Batman: Arkham Knight

Well, after the many delays and some heavy anticipation on its shoulder, the Dark Knight has returned. Read more...


Two Men in Town

Sometimes returning to the place you were forced out from is only going to lead to trouble.... Read more...


Mr. Denning Drives North

Australian writer Alec Coppel adapted this tight little thriller from his novel of the same name. Read more...


Forty Guns

Set in the infamous town of Tombstone, Arizona, this somewhat violent Western by cult director Sam Fuller features a strong central performance by female lead Barbara Stanwyck Read more...





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