(Cover) - EN Movies - Miley Cyrus’ upcoming film LOL has been brushed off by its studio.

The Disney actress stars alongside Demi Moore in the remake of the eponymous 2008 French film about teen dating in the age of social media.

Lionsgate acquired distribution rights for the feature, but have now apparently lost interest in it.

LOL’s director and co-author Lisa Azuelos is disappointed with the studio’s decision to give the film a limited release in favour of promoting blockbusters like The Hunger Games and The Avengers.

“I really thought this movie could be universal,” Lisa told the Los Angeles Times. “Usually teen movies are tender or scary or have vampires in them, but they're never realistic. This story isn't too dirty and not too stupid.”

The Hunger Games has amassed $339 million in domestic sales since its March release.

Lisa feels that publicity for LOL was purposefully neglected.

“They couldn't take care of my movie [until after Hunger Games], and I waited in line,” Lisa said.

LOL is rumoured to debut on May 4, the same day comic book action blockbuster The Avengers premieres.

Lionsgate has not yet announced LOL’s official release date.