It’s been a monster hit in the USA, with an audience of 4.2 million in the Disney Channel and topping the iTunes chart. Now the hottest new vampire movie comes to the UK. My Babysitter’s A Vampire - The Movie sees a UK release on DVD on 25th June 2012

Featuring some hot blooded young acting talent including Vanessa Morgan (‘Sarah’) and Matthew Knight (‘Ethan’), My Babysitter’s A Vampire - The Movie is the prelude to the hit Disney Channel’s TV series which centres life in the town of Whitechapel, where all is not as it seems…. As a bonus on the DVD is the full first episode from the Series.

Geeky 14-year old Ethan is left to babysit his younger sister Jane with his best friend Benny. But after Ethan inadvertently puts Jane in harm's way, his parents hire a professional sitter, the beautiful yet mysterious 17-year-old Sarah who unbeknownst to them, is actually a fledgling vampire.

When the boys discover Sarah's secret, she enlists their help in stopping her vampire ex-boyfriend, Jesse, from taking over their town, Whitechapel. Along the way, they discover that Whitechapel holds a few of its own secrets, and that they themselves might even actually hold their own supernatural powers.

While fans of the newest vampire movie "Dusk 3" gather for its premiere, Jesse and his clan of followers plan their vengeance on Whitechapel that night, and only Sarah, Ethan and Benny can stop them from destroying their town…