TEMPEST directed by Rob Curry and Anthony Fletcher, is Fifth Column’s follow-up docu-drama to acclaimed Way of the Morris, and will be released in the UK on Friday 26th October 2012.

TEMPEST is both a celebration of contemporary urban youth culture, and a 21st Century re-imagining of Shakespeare's last great play.

TEMPEST follows the progress of a group of 17 teenagers from South London as they grapple with Shakespeare's enigmatic final play. Can a 17th Century text mean anything to a multi-ethnic group of kids who find the play’s language ridiculous? Their story unfolds as The Oval is transformed into Shakespeare's magical island, and the outcast Duke, conjures the spirits in his quest to regain his kingdom.

From timid and comical rehearsals, through to the final stage production, TEMPEST beautifully captures how engaging with Shakespeare’s play can transform a group of disengaged urban youths. In this way, the film displays similarities to Turner prize winner Gillian Wearing’s Self-Made and also to recent transcendent documentaries such as The Arbor and Dreams of a Life.