(Cover) - EN Movies - Anna Kendrick chooses roles that are "not the usual".

The Oscar-nominated actress’ part in indie movie Drinking Buddies is unlike anything else she has worked on. The cast mostly improvised their lines, which was a new challenge for her.

"You just wake up and go to the set, and the director Joe Swanberg tells you what he thinks the scene should be about, and you just try that," Anna said to Manhattan magazine. "That's not the usual."

The 26-year-old star has discovered a lot about herself since she began making movies. Although humour is often part of the characters she plays, she doesn't think of herself as a comic star.

“It’s not that I’m trying to be funny," Anna explained. "But when there’s someone on paper who seems melancholy, sometimes when I play the scene it just comes out funny - many characters don’t know they have a comical side.”

Anna's varied acting roles include starring in cop drama End of Watch, the Twilight movie franchise and voicing a character in animation ParaNorman. In real life, Anna feels most like Katherine, the neurotic therapist she played in 50/50.

"She wants to help and she wants to connect with people but it becomes a bit awkward as she tries too hard," Anna explained.