Elle Fanning says it was “just amazing” when Ryan Gosling stared into her eyes and said hello.

The 14-year-old actress met the Hollywood hunk at an awards party and was thrilled when he stopped to talk to her. Ryan’s smouldering good looks have women the world over swooning and he had the same effect on Elle.

“I met him at the Governor’s Ball and he just, like, stares into your eyes, and he’s, like, ‘Hi, it’s so nice to meet you.’ And it’s just amazing,” she gushed to British newspaper The Times.

Elle has been acting most of her life, winning her first part when she was just two. Her older sister Dakota Fanning is also a successful actress but the girls don’t let their careers impact their lives that much.

At school, Elle insists her fellow pupils aren’t “starstruck or anything” and treat her the same as anyone else.

Part of this is because the teenager doesn’t think her career is a big deal.

“It’s not all about that Hollywood world. I want to have my own life. I love ballet. I love to sing. I have a lot more interests than movies, I guess,” she said.

The star is also in no hurry to grow up, even though some of her peers are obsessed with having a boyfriend.

“Everyone in high school is starting to do ‘that’ now. But not yet, not for me,” she said.