The touching personal stories of many World War II survivors are emotionally told in a moving drama, Blitz and Bananas which gets its digital release on Remembrance Sunday at 11.11am.

Teaming up with the Royal British Legion, filmmaker and family tree researcher, Anna Littler is donating half of the film’s digital box office income to the Charity. The film is available directly from the Royal British Legion website at

Coinciding with this year’s Remembrance Sunday, the film’s digital release will be a chance for many people across the country to understand what many of their relatives experienced during the Second World War and get a deeper insight into everyday life during that period.

Filmmaker Anna Littler translated the true life war time stories of her great uncle and everyday people whom she met around Kent into the script for Blitz and Bananas. The drama follows the story of a group of wartime, daring children and their adventures. It was made by film enthusiasts keen to pass this piece of their history on and was over two years in the making.

The distribution of the film is being supported by Distrify’s digital platform. The Distrify platform enables the film to be purchased via its trailer on the Royal British Legion’s website, with 50 per cent of the income going to the Charity.

The drama stars actors Brian Murphy (George and Mildred) and his wife Linda Regan (Hi-De-HI) who donated their time to support Anna Littler’s film. As well as the professional actors, Anna also enlisted the help of over 150 people including a number of local Bromley schoolchildren who took on major roles. Orpington Video and Film Maker’s Club also supported the film. Blitz and Bananas was filmed in and around Orpington, Bromley and Farnborough and principal photography started in August 2010 just before the 70th Anniversary of the Blitz.