(Cover) - EN Movies - Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in awe of Daniel Day-Lewis’ commitment to his role as President Abraham Lincoln.

Daniel portrays the 16th President of the United States in Steven Spielberg’s forthcoming biopic Lincoln.

Joseph depicts Abraham’s eldest son Robert in the film which explores the chaos that occurred in the head of state’s private life around the time he abolished slavery.

Joseph was humbled by the opportunity to work with venerated thespian Daniel.

“[It] was just an enormous honour for me because he’s kind of in a league of his own,” Joseph told Entertainment Weekly.

“When I arrived [on set], he actually was studying Abraham Lincoln’s handwriting. I received a handwritten note from him that was sort of half from him and half from the president. Just the warmest, sweetest thing.

“I didn’t call him ‘Daniel,’ and he didn’t call me ‘Joe,’ I called him ‘sir,’ and he called me ‘Robert.’ [Director Steven called Daniel] ‘Mr. President.’ ”

The pair never went out of character while filming.

“It was two people who had a lot of love for each other, but there’s a strain there — it was just uncanny,” Joseph explained.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. I had absolutely no trouble believing this was Abraham Lincoln and that that’s who I was talking to.

“And I should mention he’s not overzealous about it. He’s just really committed. It’s not that we couldn’t talk in between takes and stuff, but you wouldn’t talk about the Lakers. You would talk about, say, ‘Oh, look at this painting on the wall.’ Something within the world. And by the way, these aren’t rules that anybody established or anything. It’s just kind of a feel that you got. I loved it.”

Lincoln is in theatres this month.