Kate Hudson has revealed that "hair loss and acne" plagued her second pregnancy.

The actress suffered extreme beauty and body trauma before and after her son Bingham's birth in July last year.

The 33-year-old American star's first pregnancy with son Ryder in 2004 was totally different to the horror she experienced the second time around.

“When I had Ryder, I was 24 and didn’t really experience any changes to my hair or skin,” Kate admitted to Redbook magazine.

“But with my second child, I got acne, all my hair fell out after he was born, and I definitely had to work out to drop the weight. No pregnancy is easy to bounce back from.”

Kate's career has also been affected as she has got older. The star is currently starring in musical teen drama series Glee. She is no longer getting cast as the naïve, innocent young girl that she once was.

“I was always cast as the ingénue, but now that I have some creases around my eyes, I’m getting more adult roles!" she laughed.

Kate's first son Ryder Russell Robinson is with her ex-husband, The Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson.

After they divorced, Kate met Muse singer Matt Bellamy and they had Bingham together. The couple are currently engaged.