(Cover) - EN Movies - Keira Knightley needs a break from “dark” roles as many of her movie characters have ended up dying.
The British actress is renowned for appearing in period dramas such as Anna Karenina, Atonement and The Duchess. Keira has realised she needs to have some fun and is making a conscious effort to experiment with different genres.
The star plays the female lead in new action movie Jack Ryan and is looking forward to cinemagoers seeing another side to her.
"I got to the end of Anna Karenina and realised that I’d been sort of doing pieces of work that were incredibly dark and I pretty much died in a lot of them for five years," she told Collider. "I wanted this year to be the year of positivity and pure entertainment, and Jack Ryan is a really great, old school, Hollywood thriller and a piece of pure entertainment."
Jack Ryan is currently in production and sees Chris Pine step into the lead role previously played by stars including Ben Affleck and Harrison Ford.
In the new movie, covert CIA analyst Jack Ryan is working at a Moscow-based financial firm when he discovers his employer plans to fund a terrorist plot which could destroy the US economy.
Keira has revealed shooting is scheduled to wrap early next month. Although she wants to test her skills as a blockbuster action star, she won’t rule out appearing in another period drama.
The 27-year-old finds it easy to relate to characters from different eras.
“Your imagination is required instantly in a period film, because it’s a world that you don’t know with rules you don’t know,” she explained. “I think I certainly relate to characters on an emotional level very differently in period pieces or sci-fi pieces or fantasy pieces, than I do in pieces that are more voyeuristic and present us with the world that we know… So I think that’s why I enjoy doing period things.”