Quiet please, I’m trying to enjoy the film…
Empire Cinemas launch ‘The Empire Cinemas Etiquette Guide’

• 85% of Empire Cinemas customer thinks there should be an official cinema code of conduct introduced
• Fellow cinemagoers talking during the film is the top complaint
• Crunching on popcorn and rustling packets loudly is the second biggest annoyance, followed by public displays of affection
• Empire Cinemas have created The Empire Cinemas Etiquette Guide, championed by Paul Ross to help create a more enjoyable cinema experience for all

Cinema trips can so often be ruined, not by the predictable film ending but by fellow cinemagoers. According to a recent poll of Empire Cinemas customers, talking during the film is the most annoying habit of others - whether it’s asking questions about the plot or just having a chinwag mid-film, over half (52%) voted this to be their top pet peeve.

Loud rustling, crunching and drink slurping is the second biggest gripe (25%), closely followed by those awkward public displays of affection (15%) that tend to occur when the lights go down. Other top irritations include people playing on their mobile phones, putting their feet up on the chairs and having the plot or ending of the film ruined by social media. Close to four in ten (39%) claim to have read a film plotline on Twitter or Facebook, diminishing the enjoyment and suspense of the film they’re seeing.

But it seems we’re all just too polite for our own good and we keep these gripes to ourselves - 66% of customers admit they would like to tell off a fellow cinemagoer for their bad cinema etiquette but have lost their nerve for fear of causing a ‘scene’ mid-movie. A whopping 85% would like to see an official cinema code of conduct introduced to keep other customers bad behaviour in check, while close to three quarters (73%) claim they would go to the cinema more often if cinemagoers were more considerate and respectful of others in the auditorium.

In light of this, Empire Cinemas is introducing its very own Etiquette Guide - not to take the fun out of going to the cinema, but to encourage a more considerate environment for all. Championed by TV presenter and personality Paul Ross, the UK’s largest independent cinema chain is following suit of other public spaces where certain etiquette is often requested.

Certain behaviour rules apply at libraries, swimming pools and on public transport - The Empire Cinemas Etiquette Guide features the top ten ‘golden rules’ of appropriate cinema behaviour. In addition, posters will be displayed in the auditoriums reminding customers of these protocols, politely asking for ‘Quiet please’ and ‘No PDA’s’, resulting in the best well-mannered cinemagoers for the shared enjoyment of all.

The Empire Cinemas Etiquette Guide:
1. Keep talking to a minimum; save the chat for after the film
2. Enjoy your treats quietly; keep rustling to a minimum
3. No PDA’s; keep public displays of affection until after the film
4. No mobile phones; keep all mobile phone use until after the film including texting, social networking and internet surfing. All phones should be switched off or turned to silent so they don’t interrupt others mid-film
5. Keep feet off chairs; remember your fellow cinema goers have to sit in them
6. Don’t disturb your fellow cinema goers; arrive on time / no getting up to go to the toilet
7. No removing of shoes; keep your foot odour confined to your shoes
8. No littering; take your leftovers with you and no popcorn fights
9. No plot spoilers; don’t ruin the movie ending for others by posting on social media
10. Allocated seating; no sitting in other peoples pre-booked seats

TV presenter and film critic, Paul Ross, said: “We go to the cinema to enjoy, not endure, a movie. To immerse ourselves in a fantasy world of action, comedy, romance or horror – whatever floats your boat (even if it’s the Titanic). Strange, magical, wonderful things happen on our Empire Cinemas movie screen, which is as it should be. And I want those strange things to stay on the screen. Not to happen two rows in front of me.

“As when, years ago, I smelt a strange smell and saw some odd movement in my peripheral vision. And there, at the end of the row, a middle aged man had pulled out a wooden stool with a leg missing and was gluing it back together - in the dark. Inappropriate doesn’t even enter into it. We go for the movie not the madness. Follow Empire Cinema’s Etiquette Guide and abide by its ten ‘golden rules’ and we’ll all have a happier, and quieter, viewing experience.”