Ben Affleck says Channing Tatum deserves the Sexiest Man Alive title after watching him strip in Magic Mike.
Ben, who topped the list in 2002, believes People magazine chose to honour the right man this year. He laughingly paid tribute to Channing for showing off his impressive physique as a male stripper in hit movie Magic Mike.
“I think Channing is [deserving], and always has been,” Ben told Access Hollywood. “He’s a very good guy and an extremely, extremely sexy man. I mean, what else can you say' Have you seen Magic Mike' I think that said it all!”
As well as featuring in this year’s Sexiest Man Alive list, Ben and Channing also appear in GQ’s Men of the Year edition.
Even though Ben has been living in the public spotlight since shooting to fame in Good Will Hunting, he still feels uncomfortable with photo shoots. He posed for a series of shots for GQ and was moderately impressed with the results.
“I never really like pictures of myself. But, you know, at least it’s not horribly embarrassing, which is what I’m always worried about,” he added.
Other famous faces recognised in People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive list this year include Chris Hemsworth, Denzel Washington, Damian Lewis and Richard Gere.
Last year’s winner Bradley Cooper was also featured.
He has been joking about handing over his title to Channing, claiming other past winners are helping him through the process.
"I think it was instituted back with [George] Clooney, but there's a whole decompression you go through," he told US TV show Today. “I get whisked away to somewhere in Wisconsin, and they talk me down for about a week… I think Matt Damon runs it now.”