(Cover) - EN Movies - Marion Cotillard believes she landed her first major movie role because she "wished for it every night".

The 37-year-old Rust and Bone actress explained how she came to be cast in Tim Burton's 2003 film Big Fish.

Marion revealed she wanted to work with the acclaimed director so much that she thinks she wished her dream to come true.

"I was a big fan of Beetlejuice, and I really wanted to work with Tim Burton," Marion explained to W magazine. "I remember I kept the pages of the scenes under my pillow for a month. I don’t know if that’s why I got the part, but I know I wished for it every night."

Marion went on to reveal her earlier film experiences weren't so positive.

The French star says her first movie memory is of feeling terrified while watching the children's cult classic E.T.

"[The first movies I remember seeing are] Fantasia. The dancing hippopotamus made an impression on me. And, of course, E.T. I went totally mad in the theatre," Marion laughed. "I was almost pulling my hair out when they took E.T. away. That’s a deep memory of anger, despair, and pain. They had to get me out of the theatre. I was screaming."

Luckily Marion didn't let that put her off pursuing a career in films. The star, who won a best actress Oscar for her performance in 2007 film La vie en rose, gushed about her experience of making it in Hollywood alongside actresses she admires.

“It was amazing. In France, we have a lot of actors, but you never get a chance to share your experiences. In America, you show the movie, and you talk about it with actors who know what it’s like to open your heart, soul, and mind to another person and let them in," Marion exclaimed passionately. "I especially feel very close to other actresses…I love actresses. I love them! When there’s a movie without an actress in it, I miss something. Without a woman, it’s not the same.”