Penelope Cruz has joked she is a "cheap date".
The actress believes she has mellowed as she has got older.
The 38-year-old star has left her wild child days behind her and as a result doesn't have the tolerance for alcohol that she once did.
"About ten years ago I had a wild, confused phase - I just wanted to get lost in life and not think about the consequences," Penélope revealed to German magazine In. "After two beers now I'm already tipsy. I guess, I'm what men would call a cheap date!"
The sultry brunette beauty finds it hard to take some things seriously.
Penélope finds it ridiculous when she reads an article describing her as a sex symbol.
The actress joked that if she doesn't make fun of herself, someone in her family will.
"I always have to laugh when someone writes about me that I'm a sex symbol!" Penélope laughed.
"I love to laugh about myself, if my brother isn't already doing it! He always makes fun of me. He just loves it.”