(Cover) - EN Movies - Ben Affleck thought filming director Terrence Malick’s To the Wonder was a “half-crazy” experience.

The Argo director-and-actor took on a leading role portraying character Neil in Terrence’s romantic drama.

The film wasn’t well received and many critics thought the lack of dialogue in To the Wonder was extremely off-putting.

Some members of the audience at To the Wonder’s Venice Film Festival premiere booed during the screening.

Ben understands why people found it difficult to sit through the feature.

"The experience of it seemed half-crazy in that we didn't really have dialogue, so I didn't really know what was happening," Ben told GQ magazine

"Then I realised that he was accumulating colours that he would use to paint with later in the editing room. My character doesn't really do that much.

"It was kind of a wash for me in terms of learning something as an actor, because Terry uses actors in a different way—he'll [have the camera] on you and then tilt up and go up to a tree, so you think, 'Who's more important in this—me or the tree?' But you don't ask him, because you don't want to know the answer."