Nikki Reed and her husband Paul McDonald were biting their nails awaiting word on their duet’s acceptance.

The Twilight actress and the former American Idol contestant wrote and recorded All I’ve Ever Needed together.

Nikki and Paul then submitted the track for consideration to become part of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2’s soundtrack.

Although Nikki acts in the movie, the song wasn’t guaranteed placement on the record.

"It's been like seven months now of crossing our fingers and praying that this happens," Nikki told ET Online.

"It was just, I think, two weeks ago that we got the phone call that it was real and that it was happening."

The music video for All I’ve Ever Needed is extremely personal.

Scenes of Nikki and Paul at home are woven into the narrative.

"It's just sort of the story of how it came about,” she said of the music video.

“It's us developing the song and creating it all and finding the different parts."

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is released in theatres this month.