Mischa Barton says she is ready to go and “live on a farm”.

The former O.C. actress has endured a series of personal problems, including being placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold in 2009.

Mischa has now turned her life around and says she is ready to settle down somewhere far away from the pressures of Hollywood.

“I am ready to go and get a farm and live in the middle of nowhere,” she opened up to the British edition of OK!

“I’m pretty proud of the person I’ve become in the past few years considering what I’ve been through.”

The 26-year-old has now found love with actor Sebastian Knapp.

Having dated a string of men in the public eye, Mischa reflects on her relationship history.

“I did get my heart broken almost by accident when I was 19 but I’ve been very lucky in love,” she revealed.

“It’s hard being a girl in the public eye – if you break up with boys they’re going to want to get you back. I’ve had girls sleep with my ex boyfriend to break my heart before we were properly broken up. I don’t ever take a man back ever.”