Kourtney Kardashian would love to be a chair as she's "obsessed" with them.

The reality TV star famously has clothes lines with her sisters Kim and Khloé and it seems a homeware collection could be in the offing. The 33-year-old star loves making her home look nice and can't get enough of certain pieces of furniture.

"I would totally be a chair," she told Heat magazine when asked what piece of furniture she'd like to be. "I'm obsessed with chairs."

Kim was also present for the interview and added that she would be a mirror, but didn't elaborate on why she made that choice.

She was more vocal when discussing her body heroes though, revealing she is very envious of her younger step-sister Kendall Jenner. The 17-year-old star has already carved out a successful career as a model thanks to her willowy physique, which curvy Kim is in awe of.

"My little sister Kendall," she replied, when asked which star's body she admires. "I'm like, 'I just want to be you for one day.' How are we even related?"

That said, the 32-year-old does like some parts of her figure. She's proud of having a slim waist as she thinks it helps "accentuate everything".