Demi Moore is taking "positive steps" to move on with her life.
The actress recently celebrated her 50th birthday which was reportedly an extremely significant date in her life.
Friends have come forward to reveal that Demi marked the anniversary by moving a team of advisors into her home to help her start the next decade of her life afresh.
"Demi's had a tough time but everyone is excited she seems to be taking positive steps to turn her life around," a source revealed to British magazine Grazia.
The birthday squad of helpers apparently includes a spiritual healer, a Kabbalah guru and her rabbi.
Demi's move of drafting in assistance comes after a turbulent year following her split from husband Ashton Kutcher in October last year. She has reportedly found 34-year-old Ashton's new relationship with 29-year-old Black Swan star Mila Kunis particularly challenging to overcome in recent months.
"Demi calls them her 'heart, body and soul' experts and has moved them in until the end of November to have round-the-clock help," the source continued.
"They are helping her rid her body of dark energy and start her new decade in a happy, light place."