(Cover) - EN Movies - Jennifer Lawrence has praised David O. Russell for helping her give a performance she didn't initially feel capable of.

The actress is currently promoting Russell-directed movie Silver Linings Playbook, in which she stars as Bradley Cooper’s character Pat's love interest. The story follows Pat, a former teacher who has to settle back into life after a stint in a mental institution.

While Jennifer’s chemistry with her hunky co-star has been praised, she said it was the working relationship between the filmmaker and the actor that made working on the movie so special.

“Bradley Cooper brought everything to the set, he blessed it so much. He’s brilliant, he’s a genius and he’s very technical. And David O. Russell, he can bring a performance out of somebody that no one else can. He brought a performance out of me where I was able to do things I never thought I’d be able to do,” she told movie website Flicks and Bits. “But Bradley’s incredibly technical, with lights, lenses, cameras. The two of them are a hilarious pair.”

Jennifer accepted the part of Tiffany before she had even read the script.

The Hunger Games star was so taken with David O. Russell’s previous work, she was keen to become a part of his latest project.

“I always say that he’s kind of the Meryl Streep of directors, everything he does is just completely different - you can’t even compare any of his movies. They’re unrecognisable, he doesn’t even have a specific style almost because he can do everything,” she said. “I love his characters, they’re quirky, weird, intense and as a director he can help bring out something you don’t even know you can do – you can’t ask more than that. I’d always wanted to work with him, he’s one of my favourite directors.”