(Cover) - EN Movies - Chris Rock "overacts" until someone tells him to stop.
The star lends his voice to Marty the zebra in the hit animated franchise Madagascar.
He has now revealed how he channelled the role of Marty for this year's third instalment Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.
“When you’re doing a movie like this, it’s like overact until they tell you stop,” he explained to Total Film.
“It’s like [screech] and then, ‘We want you to be sad right now. But when you’re done being sad we want you to go [screech] again.'”
Ben Stiller voices the part of Alex the lion in the popular films.
The actor, known for his roles in comedies, confessed he gets a little jealous of Chris’ ability to improvise in the studio.
“I get depressed going into sessions with Chris because his improvisations are just insane; he comes up with so much,” Ben explained.
David Schwimmer and Jada Pinkett Smith also had roles in the movie, voicing the parts of Melman and Gloria respectively.