Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart apparently had an “explosive” argument before the Los Angeles premiere for the latest Twilight movie.
The stars of the popular vampire franchise have been the subject of much speculation, after their real-life romance was rocked by Kristen’s affair with married director Rupert Sanders. The pair put on a united front and appeared in public together to promote the last instalment of the Twilight movies, Breaking Dawn – Part 2, this month. It has been claimed the strain of the attention surrounding their private lives became too much for Robert and Kristen and they had a heated exchange shortly before stepping onto the red carpet in Los Angeles.
“Kristen had been dreading that moment [attending the premiere] for the past four months. When it finally came, it was tougher than she had expected. Things have been tense between her and Rob and they ended up having an explosive row because, at the last minute, he told her he didn’t want to do joint press interviews, as they felt too forced,” a source told the British edition of Grazia. “It set the tone for the rest of the evening and she was on edge all night. They were barely talking when they arrived and Robert kept his distance from Kristen, which threw her.”
Kristen, 22, was believed to be worrying about the premiere and feared a backlash from Twilight fans over her affair.
It has been claimed the actress’ security team was doubled for the Los Angeles premiere, to ensure she felt safe.
“Kristen’s people were on high alert and ready to get her out if it all got too overwhelming,” an insider revealed.
It is believed the stars had made amends by the time they arrived in the UK for the London premiere of Breaking Dawn – Part 2.
Robert, 26, feels ready to move on from the Twilight franchise and is looking forward to challenging himself with new movie roles.
He has always felt uncomfortable with the attention he received from starring in the movies, and has particularly struggled with the interest in his romance with Kristen.
“Robert has found all the scrutiny unbearable,” added another source.
“Relations are still extremely rocky between them and nobody knows if it will last once the promotional duties for the film are over.”