Jennifer Lawrence feared she would be kicked out of the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences after her mom stole her Oscar ballot.

The actress has revealed her mother, Karen, thought it would be funny to vote for her after Jennifer was invited to join the Hollywood group responsible for choosing Oscar winners.

Jennifer felt anxious after learning of her mom’s prank and worried she would be asked to leave the prestigious academy.

“Oh, she's very happy, she has more fun than I do,” Jennifer replied when asked how her mother is handling her fame during an interview for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which airs in the US on Wednesday. “Recently, I've just gotten into the academy, which is really exciting for me, that's exciting for any actor. And I get a call from my mother while I was in England and she goes, ‘I did something hilarious...' And she's like, ‘I voted.’ And I was like, ‘You voted for what?’ ‘The Oscars.’ And I was like, ‘You voted for the Oscars what do you mean?’ And she goes, ‘The ballot came here and I voted!’ Because she thought I'd be like, ‘That's hilarious.’

“Fortunately, she did it wrong and mailed it back to herself, so I have got to do it again… I'm going to get kicked out of the academy.”

Jennifer was relieved that her mom’s vote was not registered. Not only could it have jeopardised her involvement in the academy, but the 22-year-old Silver Linings Playbook star joked that she doesn’t have the same taste in movies as her mother.

“No. No I didn't,” she laughed when asked if she agreed with how Karen had voted.

Jennifer isn’t the only famous face to appear on Ellen’s show this week.

On Tuesday, Kelly Clarkson also stopped by for a chat with the charismatic talk show host.

The singer revealed that although she has only been dating Brandon Blackstock – the son of her manager - for nine months, she feels ready to settle down.

Although Kelly denied she is already engaged, the star admitted that she is expecting a marriage proposal in the near future.

“We're totally gonna get married we love each other, we're totally gonna get married one day,” she gushed. “I mean he's gotta put a ring on it on some point. But I'll wait it out...

“We will totally probably elope.”