Billy Ray Cyrus thinks his daughter Miley’s fiancé Liam Hemsworth is “a good person.”

Billy Ray’s 19-year-old superstar daughter accepted 22-year-old Liam’s proposal on May 31.

The patriarch is impressed with Liam and approves of his daughter’s choice of husband.

“I think Liam’s got a good heart, he’s a smart young man, extremely talented, most importantly, he’s a good person,” Billy Ray told Extra.

Billy Ray is married to his wife Tish and the couple share five children together.

The entire Cyrus brood are fans of Liam.

“We love Liam, so he’s got our blessings, as long as they’re happy, that’s all that matters,” Billy Ray gushed.

Billy Ray and Tish’s marriage has been going strong for 19 years.

Their relationship hasn’t always been perfect and the pair hit a rough patch recently.

“A year or so ago, I was in New York City and just looking at how crazy my life had spun out of control… sometimes you’ve got to step up to the plate, say 'I’m the dad' and you pull your family together,” he explained.

“We just take it one day at a time, live to be happy.”