Brad Pitt loves that he can talk "openly and bluntly" to Angelina Jolie.
The Hollywood stars have been together for around seven years and got engaged earlier this year. Brad has thought about why their romance works so well and believes honesty plays a big part in their union.
They also have different strengths and weaknesses, meaning they help each other out when things are tough.
"We always say openly and sometimes bluntly if there is anything wrong. We are so unbelievably close to each other - in the way we think and the way we live," he told the German edition of OK! magazine. "And I admire Angie for her ability to stay cool in times of crisis, she always knows the answer. I'm much more unbalanced in that way! But these are the things I'm learning from her - at least I try."
Brad and Angelina raise six children together, ranging in ages from 11 to four. Having a large brood makes family life interesting and frantic at times. Sometimes the actor feels he is planning to escape a hitman when he leaves the house, as it takes such organisation to get the children ready.
"Believe me, every time we want to leave the house to do some shopping it's like planning an escape. It's as if there's money on our heads…," he laughed. "I'm happy that at least the older kids aren't afraid of the paparazzi anymore and are used to it."
Three of the couple's children are adopted and the others are their biological kids. They have gone to great lengths to teach the youngsters the ways of the world.
"Our kids should have a good education and common sense," he explained. "Of course they grow up with many privileges but we teach them not to see this as a given thing. Like all the other kids they have to know that life can hold bad surprises and that not everyone wants to be your friend."
Brad and Angelina are yet to confirm when they will tie the knot, although earlier this week Brad hinted it would happen soon. The couple are planning a relaxed day with just close friends and family invited.