Halle Berry has reportedly put her Hollywood Hills mansion up for sale.
The actress is rumoured to have quietly listed the $15 million property following the violent Thanksgiving Day incident that occurred on its grounds.
According to TMZ, Halle has instructed a broker to begin putting out feelers to potential buyers.
Last week, Halle's fiancé Olivier Martinez and her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry came to blows outside the house.
The disagreement between the two men stems from Halle's desire to move to Paris with her daughter, which is being contested by four-year-old Nahla's father Gabriel.
The escalating drama has been labelled childish by sources close to Halle.
“Everyone involved has lost all sense of reality, and they all are acting like very spoiled children,” a source close to Halle told the Chicago Sun-Times.
The details of the brawl remain unclear, although a picture of Gabriel with facial injuries including a black eye has been released. A source associated with the injured male model claims those close to both parties are concerned about the situation.
“[Nahla] is four years old and has seen much too much and heard way too much,” the insider said. “Many of us are deeply worried she will be emotionally scarred by this horrible mess her parents have created.”
It has been alleged that while Gabriel received the most noticeable injuries, he was also the instigator in the brawl. It is believed that Halle and Olivier want to extend the temporary restraining order in place against Gabriel and block his visitation rights with Nahla.
Gabriel is seeking a three-year restraining order against Olivier, with a hearing set for December 17.
A recent police report claimed that a conversation between the two men did take place immediately before the violence, something both parties had previously denied.
"Suspect [Gabriel] arrived at victim's [Olivier] residence for child custody exchange. Suspect and victim engaged in verbal altercation. Suspect became upset and attempted to punch victim's head but missed and struck victim's right shoulder instead," a police officer explained to TMZ. "Victim returned with three punches to the suspect's head, causing him to fall to the ground. Victim's fiancée [Halle] notified police."