(Cover) - EN Movies - Reese Witherspoon has revealed what drew her to Gillian Flynn's "incredible and accomplished" twisted thriller Gone Girl.
The actress explained how the novel caught her attention before it was even published, thanks to a recommendation from screenwriter Leslie Dixon.
The 36-year-old star was impressed with the unpredictable story, fuelling her rumoured role in the upcoming adaptation that she is also co-producing.
"It's just an incredible feat that Gillian was able to accomplish," Reese gushed to The Hollywood Reporter. "You really can't anticipate where it's going, but it's one of those books you can't stop reading."
The actress was interviewed in connection with a feature about Hollywood's most powerful authors, who are pictured posing with the talent that will bring their characters to life.
The novel Gone Girl has sold more than 1.8 million copies since it was published and has spent an impressive eight weeks on top of the New York Times hardcover bestseller list.
The story is about a woman who goes missing and the husband who becomes the prime suspect.
Reese is in awe of how Gillian manages to tell the story effectively from both male and female viewpoints.
The blonde actress also appreciates that the book follows a nonlinear structure; something Gillian explained was an important aspect.
"My previous books featured people who were lonely and alienated, I wanted to go the opposite way and write about two people who knew each other so well and were in each other's heads all the time," Gillian explained. "For good and often bad."
The adaptation rights went to 20th Century Fox for a reported $1.5 million deal inked earlier this year. The movie sees Reese, Bruna Papandrea and Leslie Dixon in producing roles. Gillian explained how she picked the people who would be telling her story very carefully.
“It has a strong voice, and I felt like that voice needed to be continued to really keep the tone right,” Gillian explained.