(Cover) - EN Movies - Dustin Hoffman is a “delight” as a director according to Maggie Smith.
The British actress plays lead character Jean in Dustin’s directorial debut, comedy-drama Quartet.
Despite the actor having never taken on that particular role in filmmaking, Maggie says it was a great experience to work with the 75-year-old.
“It’s a new territory for him but it’s a delight for us!” she gushed to British newspaper The Telegraph.
“Because in actual fact, I have never in my life had a director who has also been a movie actor. Somebody who has been there, done that and got several T-shirts!”
Billy Connolly also took on a leading role in Quartet and has nothing but praise for Dustin.
The Scottish star felt at ease under his colleague’s direction and felt Dustin was always aware of what the actors needed on set.
“The biggest fear most of us have is to be left looking stupid, standing there. Saying something you don’t really believe,” Billy admitted.
“He spots it before you. You think, ‘What' How did he know what I was thinking'’ Because he thinks like an actor.”
Even when putting together a light-hearted film the atmosphere can become tense under the stressful process.
However, Dustin always knew how to keep his cast in good spirits.
“He jokes all the time and jests and has fun at your expense!” Billy smiled
“It’s a great thing, keeps you grounded. He does that with everybody – it’s really smashing.”