Julianne Hough has hinted that she has a hidden past.
The actress stars as the female lead in the upcoming romantic thriller Safe Haven, a big screen adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ popular novel.
In the movie, Julianne plays Katie Feldman, a mysterious and troubled woman with a dark secret in her past.
Julianne has likened her own life experiences, which she prefers not to discuss, to those Katie goes through in the film.
"She's a lot closer to home than a lot of people realise because of certain things in my past I don't really talk about but I can relate to," Julianne told The Hollywood Reporter.
During a promotional photo session, Julianne revealed she is a long standing fan of Nicholas' fiction. She discussed the appeal of his stories, saying they are an emotional rollercoaster to read.
"Women can feel sentimental and in love, when all their fantasies come true," Julianne revealed. "We're women, we like fantasy and heightened romance. You feel something. You cry. You get turned on even. As women we love that."
In the movie, Josh Duhamel plays the part of grieving widower Alex who gets involved with Julianne's character Katie. Josh explained how he bonded with Julianne when she invited him to watch her favourite adaptation of one of Nicholas' books, A Walk to Remember. Julianne found it easy to relate to one of the characters from this novel, played by Mandy Moore in the movie.
"I read that book like 14 times when I was 13-years-old," she confessed. "When I saw the movie I was obsessed with Mandy Moore and I wanted to kiss Shane West's lips because he had this certain pout he would do."