Chris Colfer is “really, really cautious” in the ice skating rink.

The Glee actor just finished filming an episode of the show in New York City at the famous Bryant Park ice skating rink.

California native Chris is not used to the winter sport.

“You know, I have only skated once before in my life so I was really, really cautious the first hour,” he told ET Online.

“I got progressively much, much better as the night goes on. Now, I'm ready for The Olympics.

“If there's one thing I know how to do, it's fall. But every time I would fall, I would try to strike a pose to make people know I was all right... which the paparazzi always managed to catch.”

Chris released his new children’s tome The Land of Stories in July.

The star absolutely loves composing creative young adult fiction.

“The most fun for me is creating worlds and creating characters -- I just have the best time writing,” Chris said.