There's a tendency when it comes to school trips to visit the same places every year, the museum, the zoo, the swimming baths. But why not consider something a bit different with a trip to the cinema' School trips at Cineworld offer a safe environment, easily accommodate large groups of children and allow for private usage of a screen - perfect for keeping tabs on the whole class with ease. What's more it's a different experience every time, and can often be somewhat tailored toward a current topic.

Take your class to see the latest film for a real treat. With school friendly start times available and great group prices for the whole class it's a fantastic experience. You can even take them to see the latest 3D screening; a trip to the cinema they'll never forget - especially if they've never seen a film in 3D before!

Or for a more educational visit to the cinema, if you're currently teaching a text and want to show them the film adaptation it's the ideal place to do it. Bring the story and the characters to life on the big screen and watch your class really soak it in, in an environment they will love. Or if you feel a classic movie will fit in well with your topic there are lots of titles to choose from! It's a trip everyone will enjoy, plus most screens can accommodate more than one class at a time - the perfect choice for an economical treat for a few year groups simultaneously.

The cinema is a particularly good choice in Spring, Autumn or Winter when the weather is likely to be poor. It takes the stress out of your approaching day out as it'll be great fun whatever the weather! There's no military operation required when it comes to synchronising parents and ensuring everyone has the gear they need. Just turn up and have a good time come rain or shine.

Taking a class (or several) out for the day is guaranteed to be stressful, even when it comes to organising the amenities the children need. In this way a cinema is ideally equipped with everything you require to help your trip go smoothly. From toilets to catering and much more.

Cineworld offers a great package for schools planning their next day out. They have a very simple pricing structure that's brilliant value and can also provide snacks for the kids to enjoy while they watch the film, brilliant!

What's more the cinema is a perfect venue for all of your school's functions as well as being a great venue for conferences.

Whether it's an awards ceremony that you want to ensure goes with a bang, or you just want an innovative way to showcase the children's work (and get them really excited about it) there are great packages to choose from.

Consider the cinema as the venue for your next school trip whatever the age group there's a film that suits and it's sure to be a brilliant day out for everyone.