Olivier Martinez is reportedly desperate to return to his native France.

The 46-year-old actor is currently living in Los Angeles with fiancée Halle Berry.

The actress recently lost her court battle with ex-partner Gabriel Aubry to move their four-year-old daughter to the country.

Her lawyer argued privacy laws in France were more strict than those in the US and thus the move would benefit the young girl.

Reports have since surfaced questioning the Monster's Ball star's motives for the move.

According to RadarOnline, Olivier is simply tired of living in America.

“The main reason that Halle wanted to uproot Nahla from Southern California, where her father, Gabriel Aubry, currently lives, is because Olivier doesn't want America to be his primary residence anymore," a source told the outlet.

"Olivier's family and friends all live in France and he is desperate to move back there,” the source said.

A judge ruled it was not in Nahla’s best interest to move to France.

Shortly after the decision was made Olivier and Gabriel were involved in a violent brawl outside of Halle’s Los Angeles home on Thanksgiving Day.

All sides have reportedly agreed not to pursue criminal charges against one another following the fight.

Gabriel and Halle split in 2010 and now share custody of their daughter, Radar reports.

Neither is permitted to move from Los Angeles without a judge’s permission.

Halle has not responded to requests for comment.