Paris and Nicky Hilton have adopted the stray kitten made famous by Demi Moore.
Demi befriended the homeless feline while at the Art Basel event in Miami last week. She came across the cat while at private members club Soho Beach House and immediately fell in love, even taking the kitten to an exclusive Chanel dinner and feeding it from her plate.
Following the event, the Hilton sisters met the cat while at the club attending a lunch for designer Diane von Furstenberg.
The two stars are famously animal obsessed and couldn’t get enough of the kitten. After christening the cat Soho, they decided to give it a home.
“The sisters adopted the cat and put it up in their suite at the swanky Fontainebleau Hotel,” reports New York Post.
It seems Nicky was especially taken with the furry feline and decided to give it a permanent home. Giving the animal a taste of the luxury to which it will become accustomed, she reportedly saved a spot for the cat on a private jet. The animal then flew to New York City with her and Kanye West, who was also a guest on the plane.
Paris’ dedication to the animal kingdom is legendary, with the star’s home housing bunnies, a miniature pony, dogs, a pig, a parrot and a sugar glider.
She has just jetted back to Los Angeles from Miami and was quick to talk about how pleased she was to be at home on Twitter.
“Back in La La Land. So excited to get home to all my pets. Missed my. babies so much!” she wrote this morning.
Paris, 31, sees no problem with spoiling her animals and has previously admitted she treats them like her family.
“As I said, my pets are like my children, so they are very spoiled. I had a mini dog mansion built in my backyard, it looks like a replica of my house, but the mini version. It has electricity, lighting, heat and air conditioning. It’s two stories with a beautiful stair well with crown mouldings and gorgeous furniture and even their own closet. It’s so cute. I love hanging out with them in there,” she said earlier this year.