(Cover) - EN Movies - Quentin Tarantino warned Leonardo DiCaprio that he would be “resented” if he tried to “sugar coat” his latest movie character.
The Hollywood star plays villainous plantation owner Calvin Candie in Quentin’s new film Django Unchained. Leonardo was shocked while reading through the script initially, and expressed his fears to Quentin. He wondered if the character should be toned down, but Quentin insisted the brutality was essential to the role.
“One of the pivotal moments for me and this character, was this initial read-through, and I brought up, ‘Do we need to push it this far' Does it need to be this violent'’” Leonardo is quoted as saying by The Playlist. “And [the actors and Quentin] said, ‘If you sugar coat this people are going to resent the hell out of you.’ By holding the character back you're going to do an injustice to the film. That was the thing that ignited me into going where I did with the character.”
Leonardo then decided to find out more about that period of American history. He soon realised why the plot had so many violent and disturbing scenes.
“Once I did even more research, read about the sugar plantations, we're just scratching the surface,” he explained. “It's a subject matter that should be looked at more often. I commend Quentin for combining so many different genres and making the subject matter entertaining for an audience.”
Django Unchained sees Jamie Foxx playing a former slave turned bounty hunter, who embarks on a mission to save his wife from a heartless Mississippi plantation owner.