Paul Rudd has joked he was “paid in ham” in his worst job.
The former Friends actor stars in This Is 40, where he plays lead character Pete, who is struggling with his business.
Whereas the 43-year-old has a successful acting career now, he has also had his fair share of bad jobs.
“One of the worst was that I glazed hams. I did that for about half a year. It doesn’t get worse,” he told Collider.
“I was trying to get money to go to acting school. I was in college and I got a job. It was in Kansas City, before I moved to go to this theatre school. I got paid in ham. No. I got paid a little bit more than the minimum wage. It was an all-day affair. I would unload a truck at about five in the morning. I’d have to unwrap the ham and put it on a metal spit. There was a propane torch that hung down from the ceiling, and I had wrist guards to protect myself. I’d go back and forth between heating the ham, and then using a sugar sifter. I’ve had several bad jobs.”
Along with This Is 40, Paul has featured in several other Judd Apatow movies such as Knocked Up and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.
Despite a steady stream of successful films, the star worries about his career fizzling out.
“Sure, yeah. Everything is a struggle. Everything is relative, too, so I still feel like I’m struggling, in many aspects. I’m not worried about paying my rent next month, but in about two months, we’ll see,” he admitted.