Jennifer Lopez is thrilled for her former fiancé Ben Affleck, insisting he is “getting what he deserves” during awards season.

The pair were dubbed ‘Bennifer’ when they dated and starred together in the much-derided Gigli, but despite their split they remain good friends. While Ben is happily married to actress Jennifer Garner, Jennifer is dating dancer Casper Smart.

The singer-and-actress has revealed she cheered Ben on with a standing ovation when he was named best director at the Golden Globe Awards over the weekend.

“I was happy for him,” she told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson. “I was so happy for him. We went through a rough time at a certain point and it was like we couldn’t get a break and now to see him be successful and getting what he deserves for what he did made me feel really good. I’m really happy for him.”

Jennifer also admitted she was surprised Ben didn’t receive a best director Oscar nomination for Argo. However, she has joked that the Hollywood star’s other accolades will make up for the snub.

“He’s fine now, it’s OK,” she teased. “I’m always rooting for him.”

During an interview with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres – which airs in the US on Wednesday - Jennifer was also quizzed on whether she finds it awkward to constantly bump into her exes, including Ben and rapper P. Diddy.

“No [it isn't awkward] because I see them a lot. We are in the same business, we run in the same circles,” she laughed.
Jennifer is currently promoting her new movie Parker, which also stars Jason Statham.

One risqué scene required the beauty to strip in front of her co-star to prove she wasn’t wearing a wire. Jennifer, who plays a real estate agent in the movie, has recalled how she had to steady her nerves before the cameras started rolling.

“I was terrified. My heart was beating out of my chest… I’m like, ‘This is so weird,’ But… I knew it was part of the script and we talked about how far we would go and, ‘Is he gonna make me take everything off'’” Jennifer explained to Access Hollywood.

“The real thing is I would go down to my bra and panties and he would see that I didn’t have a wire and it would be fine. But yeah, you take a long time to prepare for something [like that] — mentally, as well as physically — like starving yourself a little bit, you know what I mean' I had McDonald’s right after… ‘I just need some hamburgers or something!’”