Nicholas Hoult felt “bad” for the actors who had to work with him on the set of Warm Bodies.

The British actor plays a zombie who falls in love with one of his victims’ girlfriends in the comedy horror flick.

His character can’t talk, and the 23-year-old worries he may have bored his co-stars with his silence.

“It’s an odd thing. I just felt bad for the other actors who had to do scenes with me, ‘cause there wasn’t a lot going on a lot of the time,” he laughed to Collider.

“Particularly for Teresa [Palmer, who plays his love interest]. She had pages of dialogue to rattle off while I just sat there and would look blankly at her.”

Their unlikely romance looks set to change the strange, post-dead world they live.

Nicholas says losing the ability to talk on set helped him explore other dimensions of acting.

“I dunno, I think it’s just committing to it and believing in what you’re doing and [I] just [had to] trust in Jonathan [Levine] as well. He’s a very talented director so that gave me a bit of confidence,” he explained.

“In some ways [it was] liberating, but then you have to think about the physicality a lot more and how you’re going to communicate without having the dialogue to help you, using some different muscles.”

The star also takes on a role in Mad Max: Fury Road alongside Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron.

The action movie was an exciting experience for Nicholas.

“It was fantastic to film, it was crazy; I’ve never seen anything like it,” he gushed.

“The landscape ruined the vehicles, the stunts... I think it’s gonna be a really cool film.”