(Cover) - EN Movies - Director Robert Rodriguez thinks he and actor Antonio Banderas should reunite professionally soon.

The filmmaker worked with Antonio on Desperado in 1995 and Once Upon a Time in Mexico in 2003, the sequels to his 1992 breakout independent film El Mariachi.

Antonio did a small cameo role in Robert’s upcoming action feature Machete Kills.

The pair realised how much they missed working with each other while filming Machete Kills and Robert would love to work with Antonio again as soon as possible.

"We forgot about how much fun we've had together," Robert told MTV News.

"We decided we have to do something. We want to do another El Mariachi movie at some point. We always said we would, but [we'd shoot it] much later when he's older and rounder.

"We have to figure something else out, because he's in better shape now than he ever was.”

In celebration of his debut of El Mariachi at the Sundance Film Festival two decades ago, Robert hosted a special screening of his breakthrough feature at this year’s event.