Jason Statham says his co-star Jennifer Lopez made the working day “fantastic”.

The British actor stars alongside the beauty in Parker, a thriller about a thief who is double-crossed by his crew and out for revenge.

Jennifer recently praised her colleague for being the best actor “out there” and it seems Jason is just as smitten with the 43-year-old.

“It’s a fantastic day to go to work with her, it really was. Many, many days of it,” he smiled on TV show Good Morning America.

Action hero Jason is known for performing all his own stunts in films such as the Transporter franchise and Snatch.

The 45-year-old joked it’s his own fault that people expect him to perform without a stuntman or special effects.

It’s just been one of things that I’ve been doing for years now. I did a movie way, way back with a French director...and from that day forth I sort of dug a big hole for myself,” he laughed.

“I found I was doing all my own stunts because the resources weren’t there to do things on a green screen or with special effects so I ended up doing everything on camera. From that day on, I ended up doing all my own stunts.”

For 12 years, the star was part of Britain’s National Diving Squad.

The former athlete believes the skills he learnt help him when doing risky stunts.

“I think there’s a lot of help you get, a lot of skills you learn,” he explained.

“That lack of fear about throwing yourself off from a great height. A lot of skills, you can just bring them to the stunt world. It’s not specific to a drama or any acting you can do but for some of the stunts the aerial awareness can really help you out.”