Ryan Gosling finds being considered a sex symbol "awkward'.

The actor is widely regarded as one of Hollywood’s most attractive men and has amassed an army of fans thanks to his good looks.

The star is often cast in romantic leads, such as his roles in The Notebook and Crazy, Stupid, Love., but Ryan feels uneasy about the attention he attracts.

"I find this whole sexy thing really awkward. To me it's just a joke… Although I owe my whole career to my physical assets!” he admitted to German magazine TV Digital.

Ryan's fans are famously outspoken about his looks, with some staging a protest when he missed out on People magazine's 2011 Sexiest Man of the Year prize to Bradley Cooper.

Ryan has set pulses racing with his performance in his latest film Gangster Squad.

His co-star Emma Stone also has a notable amount of admirers thanks to the gorgeous looks she sports on the red carpet.

The redheaded beauty agrees it can be difficult to deal with the interest surrounding her appearance.

"Sometimes it all gets too much for me, and I can't stand my own face,” she confessed.

“That I'm dressed nicely from time to time is thanks to my stylist Petra Flannery."

Following the tragic shootings in Aurora and Connecticut last year, Gangster Squad director Ruben Fleischer cut a violent scene at the end of the movie.

Both actors believe he made the right decision.

"Horrible things like this just leave me speechless. Ruben absolutely did the right thing! I personally can't stand violence in movies - unless it's as exaggerated as in films like Zombieland or Kill Bill. With brawls and torture scenes I always suffer,” Emma explained.

Ryan concurred: “Violence in movies is a complicated topic. It's a big plus for our director Ruben Fleischer that he just cancelled that scene.”