Naomi Watts was amazed by her husband Liev Schreiber's "girly" shriek when he was scared by an amphibian.

The Australian actress encountered two scary incidents with Thailand's resident wildlife during the filming of her latest The Impossible.

While the poisonous creatures did scare Naomi, it was Liev who freaked out the most.

"So we had two different scary incidents. One was a frog actually, even they can be poisonous in Thailand. It's like Australia. Everything is poisonous, nothing is cute," Naomi laughed on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "So it was a frog. It was in Liev's shoe and he was going out running, the frog was in his shoe. You can't see in a sneaker, can you' You just put it on and so he did. For the most masculine man I've ever laid eyes on I've never heard such a girly feminine sound. Sorry honey!"

The Australian actress shared more about what it was like filming the dramatic Oscar-nominated movie, which also stars Ewan McGregor. She fell victim to another petrifying encounter while shooting the release, which follows a family during the 2004 tsunami.

"There's lots of scary things in Thailand, there's lots of poisonous bugs and snakes," Naomi exclaimed.

"We were staying in this villa where before you go in you would take off your shoes and lay them in the basket. I came back and there was a snake coiled up in my ballet slipper and I saw it and it had those bright colours that you just knew it was a poisonous one. It was like, bad, poisonous. I saw one of the housekeepers. I asked her to get someone to remove it and she came over, looked at it and screamed, 'Go inside and lock the door!' As if locking the door will protect you from the snake."