Jennifer Lopez is having trouble planning a birthday bash for her twins.

The singer and actress shares four-year-old Max and Emme with ex-husband Marc Anthony.

The pair turn five on February 22 and they’ve already told their mother exactly what they want.

“They’re five next month, and they want a rainbow party. Lots of rainbow stuff!” she told People magazine at a New York screening of her new movie, Parker.

But the diva admits she’s not sure her plans will please the pair. She’s still trying to decipher what the youngsters are talking about.

“I don’t know [what that means]. Very colorful?” she mused on the red carpet.

The 43-year-old star features alongside Jason Statham in new thriller Parker.

She has been open in recent interviews about how working on the movie was a cathartic experience. Filming began shortly after Marc filed for divorce last April, ending their seven-year marriage.

Her screen character “was going through the worst moment of her life, and I had just gone through divorce literally like a month before, so it was hard to get [up in the morning] - that’s why we added the scene at the beginning when she had trouble getting out of bed,” she told People.

“I was lucky to be in front of the cameras and act exactly how I felt, so it was a blessing,” she added.