Peter Sarsgaard doesn’t think his baby daughter would be happy if he shaved off his facial hair.

The Lovelace actor shares two children with his wife actress Maggie Gyllenhaal—Ramona, six, and Gloria Ray, eight months.

Peter, who premiered Lovelace at the Sundance Film Festival this week in snowy Park City, Utah, has a grizzly beard at the moment.

He doesn’t want to cut off his bristles, as his baby girl may forget who he is.

"My daughter is eight-months-old, and if I shave at this point it's going to be so traumatic," Peter told USA Today.

"She knows me as a man with a beard. You get attached to these things."

Peter portrays adult movie actress Linda Lovelace’s manipulative husband Chuck Traynor in the highly-anticipated biopic.

Being abusive wasn’t easy for Peter to take on.

"I was trying to explain that the movie was a difficult role for me to do since I have children," he said.

"The minute you say that in front of a group of people, I feel that very strongly. So that's what happens. I thought of everything I sacrificed to have this experience.'