LOCO London opened last night with a special premiere of A Liar’s Autobiography, released 8th February.

The acclaimed 3D animated biography of Monty Python star Graham Chapman, was introduced by Monty Python star Terry Jones and the film’s directors Bill Jones (Terry's son), Ben Timlett and Jeff Simpson.

Terry Jones even offered the audience the immortal Life Of Brian (clearly the best comedy film of all time) quote "he's not the messiah he's a very naughty boy" much to the gratification of the lucky few including an ecstatic Film-News.co.uk.

The screening was followed by What Have The Pythons Ever Given Us', a discussion of Monty Python’s influence on today’s leading comedy film-makers hosted by Chris Hewitt.

Showcasing the best in new film comedy, LOCO London is a four-day antidote to film festivals and award ceremonies that think that laughing doesn’t matter. Festival co-founder Jonathan Wakeham shares his highlights of this year and divulges his fantasy LOCO lineup.

If you can get down to enjoy the friendly festive atmosphere LOCO London runs until 27 January.

More details at locofilmfestival.com