Diego Luna, Canana co-founder and director, has gone behind the camera to direct ‘Drifting’, a short film inspired and created by friends.

The film is part of a collaboration between Chivas Regal, the original luxury whisky, and Canana – the arthouse Mexican production company, founded by life-long friends Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna and Pablo Cruz, and led by Julián Levin. The collaboration sees modern male friendship brought to life through two short films, the first directed by Diego Luna and the second by Gael Garcia Bernal.

Filmed in Tulum Mexico, ‘Drifting’, tells the story of three life-long friends, Nico (Pablo Cruz), Andres (Ari Brickmann) and Al (Alexander DiPersia). The short explores themes of trust, forgiveness and acceptance as the characters reconnect after drifting apart and find themselves falling straight back into the comfort of old friendship.

An unexpected story unfolds as Nico and Andres embark on an adventure to lure their friend Al away from an idyllic paradise, where his new life as a laid back and carefree hotel owner has meant he has lost touch with reality and his old life and friends. With old friend Nico’s impending wedding, the friends want to make sure Al gets back for the big event, and aim to convince him with a surprise visit and an elaborate prank. Along the way they reminisce about a past beach holiday they took together when they were younger, reminding them of their long, solid friendship.

The plot takes a turn as the prank backfires, and the reunited friends find themselves lost at sea with nothing but each other and a life raft. Viewers will have to wait until the release of the second film in February directed by Gael, to find out what happens next and if any of them make it to Nico’s wedding.

Speaking about the project Diego Luna commented, “This project really interested me because the story involves this idea of an intervention, a moment of crossing a line to make your friend wake up. I think friends are the only ones that constantly cross that line and because you’re friends you let them and that’s the beauty of it because sometimes they know what is best! That idea was interesting and I was also excited to try something new with this project, in a way it’s exploring a language I’ve never spoken.”

Created by brothers James and John Chivas and shared by friends around the world, Chivas Regal understand that friendship and brotherhood are a vital source of inspiration and support for men. Canana is bringing modern brotherhood to life with these two short films. This is the first time Gael and Diego, the two directors, have worked together in this way, each directing a story around the same characters. Both films are produced by life-long friends Julian Levin and Arturo Sampson and written by childhood friend, Alonso Ruizpalacios, staying true to the friendship theme.

The films, along with sneak peeks behind the scenes with Diego on set as well as exclusive interviews, can be viewed at www.chivascanana.com.