Ashton Kutcher has reportedly begged Mila Kunis not to alter her appearance.

The two stars have been dating since last summer and things are thought to be getting serious.

Recently, the actress has hit the headlines due to her dressed-down approach to style when she isn’t working. Mila is often seen looking unkempt, with her hair scraped back and in baggy jumpers and sweatpants. Her approach to her appearance is apparently one of the things Ashton loves about her.

“Ashton love Mila just the way she is, he’s totally smitten. He couldn’t care less about what she wears. They’re on the same page when it comes to her image and Ashton has told her, ‘Don’t ever change,’” an insider told Heat magazine.

Ashton, 34, has filed for divorce from Demi Moore, who he split from in 2011 following claims he was unfaithful.

He apparently finds Mila’s relaxed fashion sense a welcome change, as Demi, 50, was always worried about how she looked. Mila, 29, is said to have reassured her beau she will never get stressed about the ageing process.

“Ashton has said that he couldn’t stand Demi’s focus on her image and her weight, and Mila isn’t concerned with any of that,” the source explained. “She doesn’t understand the point of constantly worrying about your appearance and trying hard to stay young.”