Ben Affleck reportedly challenged Justin Timberlake to a race in ladies’ high heels on the set of their new movie.

The two hunks appear in Runner, Runner together, which is about the turbulent relationship between a businessman and his protégé.

Justin apparently spent a lot of time on set bragging about what a skilled runner he had become due to all the training he’d been doing. Ben began to tease the actor-and-singer about his claims, prompting Justin to suggest a sprinting contest to settle things once and for all.

“Ben accepted the challenge – but only on the condition that they’d run the race in ladies’ high heels,” an insider giggled to National Enquirer. “Justin thought Ben was kidding – but when the wardrobe people dug up several pairs of large size heels, Timberlake knew he was in trouble.”

Justin decided to go ahead with the race, even though movie bosses were apparently terrified the two men might injure themselves and shut down the shoot.

Eventually everyone got into the spirit of things, with workers laying down bets on who they expected to triumph.

Justin and Ben got to the starting line and set off after a starting pistol was fired, although neither took things seriously.

Ben spent most of the race attempting to trip up his co-star and, not to be outdone, Justin attempted to shove Ben into parked cars.

Eventually Ben couldn’t take any more, so Justin picked him up and carried him across the finishing line.