Beyoncé Knowles set Super Bowl XLVII on fire during her halftime performance.

The Grammy-winning singer kicked off her highly anticipated performance with silhouettes that were literally ablaze.

The sides of Beyoncé’s face were etched in the stage with rods of fire and intense lighting.

The songstress emerged onstage from the shadows with a massive depiction of her pose’s outline blazing behind her body in the background.

Wearing an all black leather outfit by designer Rubin Singer with Proenza Schouler boots up to her knees, Beyoncé belted out Crazy In Love while dancing vigorously.

After much speculation, Destiny’s Child did in fact reunite onstage later in the performance, with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams appearing quite magically out of the darkness onto the stage.

The multi-platinum R&B group sang Bootylicious, Independent Women and a portion of Single Ladies together.

Women dancers clad in black leather occupied the huge stage and all of the band members were also female.

Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson kicked off the sporting event that attracts an average annual audience of over 110 million.

Jennifer sang America the Beautiful with a choir from Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Newtown, Connecticut campus that lost 20 students and six adults in December after crazed gunman Adam Lanza shot them.

Alicia belted out a riveting rendition of the National Anthem. The Girl on Fire singer’s voice had a sultry jazz undertone as she crooned sitting at and playing a silver Yamaha piano.

Electricity went out during the third quarter of the American football game.

Apparently a blown transformer caused a power surge that delayed the match for over a half an hour.

The Baltimore Ravens were eventually triumphant over the San Francisco 49ers.