Leslie Mann says her husband Judd Apatow is “such a nightmare” when he’s stressed out.

The actress has been married to the producer-and-director since 1997 and together they have two children, Iris and Maude.

In recent years, Judd has had success with films such as Knocked Up but he has also had to deal with bad reactions to indie TV offerings like Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared.

“It was awful. He was really stressed out and that put a lot of pressure on me,” she admitted to Empire magazine.

“We had a new baby. He was seriously such a nightmare. Just kind of another planet, stressed out and unavailable. Obsessing about work... But you’re kind of still like that. I’m really tired of it.”

Judd has been busy promoting This Is 40 and working on the Anchorman sequel, which both promise to be big hits.

Whereas he seems to have found favour with the general public now, he admits his need to be different often stopped him from succeeding.

“I had a rebellious streak that it was better to be a cool, indie geek than a mainstream rock star,” he admitted.

“I knew what it took, but I didn’t necessarily want to do it in my own work. I got really depressed and kept switching back and forth between [TV and movies] when I wasn’t succeeding commercially in either.”

Leslie also had her own struggles making it as an actress.

The 40-year-old star is known for her hilarious parts in comedies, but admits she tried a different route at the start of her career.

“I would audition for dramatic parts and people would laugh at me – not ideal at the time – so slowly I realised the comedy world is where I belonged,” she smiled.