Rachel Weisz enjoyed playing a witch in Oz the Great and Powerful as she could release her inner demons without being "responsible" for her actions.

The actress prefers to play darker characters such as Evanora, the Wicked Witch of the East, rather than portraying traditional female roles.

Rachel opened up to the latest issue of British magazine Harper's Bazaar about playing the bad girl.

"[I enjoy unleashing myself in the film realm as] that’s what’s so great about acting," Rachel revealed to Harper's Bazaar. "You’re not really responsible."

The 42-year-old actress also discussed what she was like as a tearaway teenager growing up in London.

She enjoys unleashing her evil streak through the medium of film, as she has had to bottle that up as she has got older.

"I mean, I’m polite to everyone on set and I’m not a struggle to work with, but in terms of how you get to treat people, it’s carte blanche, because it’s fiction – no one’s really going to get hurt," Rachel explained. "And it’s a very joyful place to let go.”

In the interview Rachel also revealed details of her private life and her relationship with actor Daniel Craig, who she married in June 2011.